"Embrace the Experience"

3E Outdoors offer top tier programmes for Outdoor, Adventure & Environmental Education in Czech Republic. It strives to broaden educational & personal boundaries through a combination of structured activities, discovery, reflection and exploring.

3E get the most out of trips with experiential learning practices, having actively involved and engaged participants. 3E want people to have positive and more meaningful experiences outside. Becoming comfortable with nature and reaching a point to create sustainable care for it.

When working with students and young adults at the base of all our trips we create an atmosphere covering these Five points.


A qualified, passionate team promoting safety.

INDEPENDenCE & leadership

Experiential learning & self reliance. 

Natural Connections

Sustainability & caring for the environment.

Hard & Soft Skills

Focus on emotional & manipulative exercises

Physical Activity

Promoting an active & healthy lifestyle.

Summer Camp

New for 2020!

For the first time we are starting our very own summer camp.

After years of directing and managing other International Camps we have made the decision to begin one here in Czech Republic. We love summer camps & we are delighted to be able to offer this.

It will be based at the wonderful Terra Farma an hour south of Prague in the Bohemian countryside.

All the information will be on the Summer Camps page of our website, we also have a brochure online with all the details you need.

New for 2020!

What We Do

3E Outdoors

What teachers say about our trips.

"The week was fun-filled and exciting for the children and definitely gave them the opportunity to push their limits and try new things. We as teachers wouldn't have the time to prepare such a great program for them."

"In comparison to other outdoor education trips, this would rate as the most organised, age group appropriate trip in a beautiful surrounding."

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