How We Got Here

How it started:

3E Outdoors begun in early 2014 when 3 like mind people got together with friends and started planning how they could do the jobs they love without the need to travel all the time. 

By the end of the year the company was formed 

Our Mission:

As we say in our About section we have a mission that goes beyond To help people understand how their actions impact the natural world and to become ambassadors for a sustainable future.

To meet the obligations of our mission, we are committed to the long term health and sustainability of a network of outdoor education centres around Central & Eastern Europe.  We know that we have many steps to take along the way and we’re inviting you to take the first one with us.  Scroll through the rest of this page to get an idea of our long term goals and if you agree with what we’re trying to do and want to become a part of our support network then follow this

The First Step

2015 – For the next 8 months, we are busy at work building a network of partners across Central & Eastern Europe, learning about the tremendous opportunities for programs. Residential Forest Camps, English language immersion adventure tours, corporate and university retreats, team building, cultural tours and conservation based service opportunities are just some of the options we have already explored.

The Second Step

Late August/September, 2015 – This is our target date for beginning 4-5 day residential school programs.  We have already begun to make contacts and our very encouraged by the initial response.  If you would like to book a time to talk or arrange a school visit from one of our team members, then please be in touch.  To get an idea of what a program COULD look like then continue exploring our schools section.

Looking Forward

Winter 2015/2016 – 

2020 & Onwards – 

Springtime in many of our program sites offers an amazing display of rebirth and we tap into this idea to help schools and organizations recalibrate and focus on moving forward.  We can continue building on concepts explored in previous programs for repeat clients and build new programs for organizations who are more suited to this schedule.


Long Term Vision 

At 3E, we have ambitious long term goals to change the way outdoor education programs are structured.  Our 3-5 year plan includes investing in our own site and to begin sustainably developing a purpose built outdoor education center.  We aim to reduce our impact on the environment while positively impacting the local community and Central Eastern European School Community. Have a look at some of our ideas for ‘green’ buildings.  If you would like to be a part of the growth of 3E, then be in touch and we would love to chat about what we can do for you.


poskytování tělovýchovných služeb v oblasti letních a zimních sportů