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A look at the 3E Outdoors staff team.

Joe Foster

Programme Director

Hannah Thompson

Business Developer

Miška Foster

Business Admin

3E offers seasonal work for employees. We create small teams for work in the Spring & Summer. In Autumn though we create a larger group of staff for all of our busy school programmes across Czech Republic. We proud to hire a great group of staff each time from a varied mixture of backgrounds & specialities.

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Joe got the love for adventure from going on school trips. Since then he has been working in the outdoors for almost all of his career. In different environments, from a Director of a large international summer camp to still working as a seasonal tour guide across Asia. Starting 3E was a natural progression in a step to do what he loves without having to travel. Joe has extensive experience working with school curriculums & developing programmes to assist them. Despite being busy, getting outside is still his favourite place to be. Joe enjoys to manage his time between forest & bikes or the water & boats. Apart from adventure trips & skills based ones, he loves service trips too. All of them giving extra confidence to students stepping out of their comfort zones.


Hannah has been a lover of the outdoors ever since camping trips & boating adventures during her childhood with her family. After completing a degree with a focus on Adventure Tourism Management, she has worked in many roles which led her to 3E. Across Africa, Asia & Europe Hannah has been involved in charity work, tour guiding & programme co-ordinating camps. Hannah has developed & managed large scale programmes for renowned international schools & is dedicated to encouraging more outdoor education to support the traditional teacher methods in schools. Hannah joined the team in 2015, her passions include: nature, skiing, all animals & researching ways in which to help the environment. She loves working with all ages delivering energy & passion for every project.


Miška’s passion for the outdoors started at early age. She loves any sport that gets her heart rate going & blood pumping. Apart from 3E work & accounting, Miška is heavily involved with a tree planting NGO from Czech Republic. She has a masters in International Trade & has travelled and worked across different businesses & countries. Undergoing development internships & service work in Asia. She truly appreciates the values of these experiences, shaping her into the person that she is today. Running & rock climbing are her favourite activities both of which she loves for their challenges, really making you live in the present moment. Miška is a fully qualified rock climbing & ski instructor, passionate about working with children and young adults & seeing them grow through different experiences.

Arya the Border collie

This pup that you can see in most of the photos is Arya. She’s a 4 year-old Border Collie with different coloured eyes. A crowd favourite whenever she appears on trips. Ary has almost endless energy from chasing birds in the trees to catching frisbees. Never wanting to be left out she goes everywhere: camping, climbing, canoeing, sleeping in hammocks & even ski-touring in the winter.


Without these people 3E wouldn’t have been the success it is.

Brian Tynan

Brian has a tremendous amount of ideas and a huge passion for the outdoors. Without his input 3E would've just been a pipe dream. Currently working at an international school, Brian keeps 3E up to date with all current curriculum ideas.

Tom Brodie

Tom was one of the first teachers to use 3E's services. His invaluable advice on IB programmes & IML knowledge helped the company for safety and ideas. Plus personal experience from running his own outdoor company in Norway.

Lizzie McTurk

A close friend who has always been there for 3E whenever it's needed. Lizzie has been on most programmes and favourite with all the students