3E Sumer Camps

with Terra Farma

3E is launching 'The English Eco Camp'.

This will be our first summer camp.
If you're looking for a fun place for your children, we have got the perfect camp for you.

We create 'a home from home' atmosphere at the camp, all set at a wonderful family run Eco-Farm.
Only 1 hour from Prague.

Just 6,500 kč per week.

Read below for all the details...

We have changed the dates from the original ones planned earlier this year. These are the current camps we are offering.

The Camps We Offer:

Farm Fun is for 8 - 12 year olds.

The programme offers all the great elements of camp.

Leadership Camp 13 - 17 year olds.

About The Farm:

3E have teamed up with Terra Farma a family run bio-farm to offer our first summer camp experience. This exciting development 

3E have worked with the farm since 2018 running programmes at the location.

Everything that 3E

Hannah will be leading the camps after working the past 2 years on school trips taking place at Terra Farma.

Great Reasons To Come This Summer

To answer all of the questions you might have please look through this FAQ section.

Underneath you can also view our whole brochure online

Also please contact us if you have any further questions or would like more information.

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The dates in these brochures are the old dates.



Farm Fun

For ages 8 – 12

Leadership Camp

See the work we do around the world and be inspired to join us on our mission to make the world a better place.

Summer Camp FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Summer camps are a special type of community where kids come together to have fun. Within the camp setting, children develop a sense of independence as they try new adventures away from home. Summer camps are known for providing a safe environment where children gain self-confidence as they learn new skills.

3E Outdoors have been organising camps for students & schools in Czech Republic since 2015. 
Czech Republic is famous for its camp traditions and having so many different options of summer camps.
Add onto that the extensive work they have done with other camps 

Mainly due to all the uncertainty that was surrounding Summer Camps and Covid-19. Whilst it’s still not 100%, much more information about how they can operate is known. We pushed as many dates back later in the summer to have the best chance of them going ahead. 

This could be considered a bit premature but Terra Farma has this big, beautiful space and we don’t own it. The owners wanted to make sure there was some guaranteed income over the summer if the camps had to be cancelled. This made perfect sense.

Hence why the dates changes and we have the gap.

Although its based on the Farm & it has Farm in its name, not everything is centred around it. It offers us and the children many benefits. Beautiful countryside location, interaction with animals, fresh delicious food, a family feel and family atmosphere, secluded. Although it’s just a short drive away from the main road between Prague and South Bohemia, it could be another world away with how peaceful it is.

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