Questions that you might have.

3E Outdoors have been 

The cost of a 3E experience is dependent on a number of factors such as the length of program, activities selected and number of students who will attend.  3E reinvests most of the revenue it generates back into development of program sites and staff and our rates are competitive and reasonable.  Please contact our Business Manager for an exact quote for your 3E experience.  

We provide schools and students with a list of suggested equipment depending on the specifics of the program and season in which students are attending. We aim to keep the cost to each individual student reasonable and are exploring the possibilities for partnering with different companies to provide different equipment. There are some essentials for every season: A 1 litre (or larger) refillable water bottle, a good pair of walking shoes and a decent water proof jacket.

We not only can come to your school, we would love to.  We believe that visiting the school environment creates a stronger bond between 3E staff and our clients and offers the ability for us to follow through with post-program content or get students excited with a pre-camp visit.  We can also make ourselves available for an information session for parents as well.  To speak about school visits, please get in touch with our network and sales director to discuss what your school might be interested in and how it would enhance your 3E experience.

In short, absolutely.  We believe that for the impact of our programs to continue beyond the time on site, it is important to make links back to life at school.  We would be happy to be one of these links and follow up with a visit some weeks or months after program to continue building on the experience of the students.

Why outdoor education with 3E Outdoors?

We at 3E have years of experience developing and delivering world class programs for top tier international schools around the world.  Our staff members are carefully selected and are committed outdoor educators who have worked with clients in nearly every environment on the planet.  We enjoy what we do and believe that our programs will have a positive impact on the students with who we work and the academic communities of which they are a part.

What information does 3E need from the school?

Before your trip is booked, 3E will need to confirm numbers, dates and program type.  Once these things are all squared away, 3E will provide you with a pre-arrival packet with all the pertinent information.  This will include release forms to be signed by parents and a form to provide relevant dietary, medical or behavioral information.  We also include a document for teachers so they have the chance to give us insight into curriculum content from the classroom which could be complemented by certain activities in the program.  

 If I want to book a trip, what’s next?

Get in touch with us!  If you know that you would like to work with 3E, please have dates, numbers and an idea of activities you would like us to include in the program.  You may have a look at the specific activities here. Then schedule a meeting with us through this form and we can begin getting you ready for your 3E experience!